Family disputes are often some of the most contentious seen in the legal industry, and unfortunately, these disputes can disrupt otherwise peaceful family relations. As much as everyone involved wants to resolve the matter, disputes can escalate to the point where it seems likely anyone will bend. Often, it might seem the courtroom is the only place to resolve the issue.

Luckily, there is a better option for resolving family legal disputes. Mediation can provide a pathway to the best resolution, and keep family disputes out of the public eye. If you are facing a family matter that has led to legal action, Harold Cohen can help.

Harold has experience working with families in Catonsville, Maryland and throughout the area that are facing some of their toughest family challenges. He can help you resolve the matter more efficiently than through litigation and make it possible to preserve family relationships. This includes divorce mediation and parenting plan (custody and child support) mediation.