Public Safety

Public safety matters are an issue that affect us all and when those issues lead to a legal dispute, it can be stressful for everyone involved. Many public safety disputes involving fire, emergency medical services or emergency management are often never solved, therefore, creating a less efficient and effective service.

Fortunately, there is an option that can make resolving these matters much easier. Mediation allows involved parties to discuss the issue at hand and reach a resolution that works for everyone affected – all while keeping the resolution method efficient and on track.

If individuals or communities are involved in public safety disputes, Harold Cohen can help. Harold has several years of experience working as a third-party neutral, facilitating negotiations over complicated issues. This experience, combined with almost 40 years of public safety experience can assist individual agencies and communities to find a solution to best benefit those they serve. He can help you resolve your dispute faster, for less money, and more effectively.

In addition to mediation services, Harold can provide fire and EMS system assessment to determine a proper course of action for communities. He has provided consulting services for states, counties, cities, hospitals, commercial providers, career and volunteer services.

Harold also has decades of experience as an emergency services instructor. He can provide training in many subjects, including over 30 National Fire Academy (NFA) courses. These include the pre-requisite courses for the NFA Managing Officer Program.